The Söğüt Project is located within the borders of Bilecik province, Söğüt district, on the Söğüt-Eskişehir highway, in the field with operation license number 82050. It is approximately 35 km from Bilecik province. Southeast of Bozüyük district, approximately 20 km. Our business, which is located in the northeast, is 6 km from Söğüt town center. Is a distance.

Mine Operation Method

At Söğüt Gold Mine, ore production will be carried out in two ways, open pit and underground mining.

Open pit mining is an surface excavation operation designed according to the shaping of the orebody without using underground mining methods.


It is essential that all operations be carried out as mechanized as possible: open pit mining equipment such as diesel-hydraulic drilling machines, excavators, loaders, earth-moving trucks, graders, dozers are used.

Underground ore production method in underground mines is a combination of “Cut & Fill” mining and “Sublevel Stoping” mining methods.

Since selective mining method is required at Söğüt Gold Mine, the majority of the operation is expected to be carried out by the cut & fill method.

In both methods, face development is required. A face-wall driving face development cycle takes place in the cycle of: drilling-blasting-ventilation-loading/transport ground support-service.

It is essential that all operations are carried out as mechanized as possible.

The produced ore in the Söğüt Gold Mine is stockpiled after being classified according to its oxide and sulphide content in the ore stockpile areas. The gold and silver in the classified run-of-mine ore are recovered in the process plant. Ore processing is carried out in oxide units or sulfide units, depending on the ore characteristics.

Mineral Resource / Reserve Figures

The Söğüt project is located within the Sakarya Zone, just north of the İzmir-Ankara Suture Zone. The project consists of two different mineralizations called Akbaştepe and Korudanlık.


Sogut Project Location Map

Akbaştepe mineralization is located in the south of the project area and Korudanlık is in the north. The mineralizations are in the east-west direction and both mineralizations dip to the north. While Akbaştepe mineralization has a high dip angle (65-700), Korudanlık mineralization has a low dip angle of 40-500.


Akbaştepe mineralization has a refractory character. Korudanlık mineralization, on the other hand, presents a completely oxide structure.


In the project, a total of 733 core drillings of 253,602m have been completed so far.

Akbaştepe Ore Model
Korudanlık Cevher Model

The Mineral Resource and Reserve Report was prepared in October 2020 by Competent Persons within the body of RPM Global Türkiye Danışmanlık Hizmetleri ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi, in compliance with JORC and UMREK codes.