Being the most successful example of sustainable mining in our country and in the world with our innovative, principled and responsible perspective.


By giving direction to the sector with innovative applications of mining; carrying out universal, respectable, permanent, sustainable mining activities in international standards, with the focus of increasing the value it adds to its employees, environment, locality, society, life values ​​and economy day by day.


Our Working Quality: We consider occupational safety, environment and social approval as an integral part of our business. We use the best applicable technology and aim to reach perfection with our innovative and dynamic structure.

Our Employees: We care about teamwork and we form a whole of parts built on trust, strong communication and transparency with our employees. Our aim is to continuously improve our employees and to carry out our company’s position the leader of the sector with our expert and competent personnel.

Our Occupational Health and Safety Goal: We carry out our work by creating occupational safety and health awareness for all our stakeholders, with the awareness that a healthy and safe working environment is the right of all our employees. We always work by adopting the protection of the safety and health of the employees as a part of the company culture.

Our Environmental Sensitivity: The protection of nature and the application of sustainable mining criteria are our top priorities in all our business processes. We carry out our activities with the awareness of increasing the quality of life of future generations.

Our Social Benefit Priority: We show maximum sensitivity to ensure that our goals are in harmony with the interests of the country and society. We aim to increase the added value we will provide to the country’s economy with our production, and we carry out our activities with the awareness of our responsibilities in creating a sustainable future, taking into account the benefit of the local people.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Awareness: We aim to carry out activities to support and contribute to the development of the society, taking into account all the impacts on economic, social and environmental issues in our operation, which we carry out in cooperation with different segments of the society.

Our principles