Who are we?

We are a team of specialized, qualified, innovative, highly motivated, energetic, opened to learning, success-oriented, humble people.

When you become a team member of Gübretaş Maden, you will have many opportunites and chance of

  • working with one of the best teams in the industry,
  • capturing the opportunities that will arise from the establishment period,
  • using the latest technologies,
  • being themember of a dynamic, successful and valuable team that shares knowledge and experience.

Why Gübretaş Maden?

With the strong and pioneer positioning in the mine industry of Turkey, bright future and exciting opportunities shall be offered to its employees;

  • career opportunities,
  • continuously training and employee development programs,
  • leadership and succession planning,
  • a working environment that focus firstly on occupational safety in every situation,
  • a management approach that prioritizes woman and new graduate employment.

Our Human Resources Policy

  • Developing fair and consistent human resources systems by maintaining a high level of employee loyalty and productivity owing to establish a peaceful and safe working environment.
  • Developing human resources policies that support the goal of ranking high among the admired and preferred companies of the sector.
  • Offering equal opportunities, a career that can be developed and to prepare all our employees for these opportunities.
  • Offering a fair and competitive wage/benefit package which takes into consideration of account experience, qualifications and considers internal-external balances.
  • Creating a participatory culture where our team members at all levels are treated with love and respect and without discrimination.
  • Establishing an understanding of behavior and management in accordance with ethical and moral values.