Our Social Benefit Priority: We show maximum sensitivity to ensure that our goals are in harmony with the interests of the country and society. We aim to increase the added value we will provide to the country’s economy with our production, and we carry out our activities with the awareness of our responsibilities in creating a sustainable future, taking into account the benefit of the local people.

Acting with the awareness of the importance of Community Relations;

  • Adopting the principle of carrying out all our activities in a way that will benefit the society we work with,
  • By showing respect and understanding to the needs, values, views and rights of all members of our stakeholders,
  • Acting with a sense of responsibility on behalf of all members of the society,
  • Adopting the principle of solidarity and communicating transparently with the local society,
  • Considering social approval as an integral part of our business,
  • Examining the outputs of the activities carried out within the framework of sustainable mining criteria,

By observing the rights of the local people in the regions where we operate,

With the aim of creating value for society,

We will carry out our activities with the aim of providing added value to our country.

Gübretaş Maden Yatırımları; will carry out its activities in accordance with international and national mining standards, in line with sustainable mining principles, in a way that gives priority to occupational health and safety, environment and social approval criteria. We will work with the aim of providing the highest added value to the region, society and the country at large.