Our Corporate Social Responsibility Awareness: We aim to carry out activities to support and contribute to the development of the society, taking into account all the impacts on economic, social and environmental issues in our operation, which we carry out in cooperation with different segments of the society.

Realizing that Social Responsibility Awareness is an integral part of our business;

We will plan all of our activities, in the fields of environment, education and art, with the priority of contributing first to the region, then to the whole society and our country. We aim to provide the highest benefit to the society with our activities, where sustainable mining criteria are our guide.

By observing the rights of the local people in the regions where we operate,

With the aim of creating value for society,

We will carry out our activities with the aim of providing added value to our country.

Gübretaş Maden Yatırımları A.Ş. will carry out its activities in accordance with international and national mining standards, in line with sustainable mining principles, in a way that gives priority to occupational health and safety, environment and social approval criteria. We will work with the aim of providing the highest added value to the region, society and the country at large.